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Wyoming work injury lawyer with an employee holding their wrist in painThe course of someone’s life and health can change in the matter of moments, which a Wyoming work injury lawyer has seen many times before. In particular, workers may get injured while performing their job duties, and may require help from a lawyer for their workers’ compensation case. In the aftermath of a workplace accident, it is important to act in your own best interests. Many workers trust their employer to take care of them and provide fair compensation under the workers’ compensation program. However, time and time again companies have shown to prioritize their pocketbook and not the health of their workers. It doesn’t matter if you have the best relationship with your employer, their attitude towards you could change simply because your workplace injury may end up costing them money. Let us at Davis, Johnson & Kallal make sure that your claim is handled correctly and without retaliation. 


You may be asking yourself, what is workplace retaliation and what are the signs that it could be happening to you? An employer may treat an employer in an adverse way, or outright fire them, for requesting or utilizing workers’ compensation benefits that they have a right to use. Examples of adverse actions can range from threats to termination, and transferring to a less desirable role or schedule, among others. This type of behavior is illegal, and should never be tolerated. In fact, as a Wyoming work injury lawyer explains, employers may be subject to civil and criminal penalties for doing so, as retaliation can have a drastic impact on someone’s ability to earn a living and support themselves and their family. Employers must not retaliate against a worker as it is viewed legally as a form of discrimination. 


The most common form of retaliation is firing an employee shortly after filing a claim for workers’ compensation coverage. This action in itself may constitute retaliation, even if the employer tried to disguise the termination as being for another reason. Furthermore, if your employer has changed your schedule to something less favorable or shifts that they know you are not able to fulfill due to home life demands, that is a form of unlawful conduct as well. Your employer may initiate disciplinary actions against you for what feel like minor infractions after filing a claim or receiving benefits, as a way to punish the worker for costing the employer. But ultimately, it is the role of an employer to provide medical care and other losses to any worker that suffers from a workplace accident. 


If you are dealing with a workplace injury accident and want to make sure your claim is handled fairly, or you’ve already noticed retaliation could be happening, we urge you to contact us so a Wyoming work injury lawyer can intervene. Frankly, employers and their insurance companies tend to cooperate once they know a lawyer is involved, because this means the employee can no longer be taken advantage of. If this is what you or a loved one is going through, call us at Davis, Johnson & Kallal as soon as you can.



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