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If you or your loved one has been seriously injured through the negligence or misconduct of another, you are entitled to full compensation for the losses you suffered. Davis, Johnson and Kallal is focused on obtaining excellent results for our clients’ personal injury claims and helping our clients put their lives back together after an injury. 

We represent injured people across Wyoming.  From Cheyenne, Dubois, Green River, Gillette, Rawlins, Laramie, Wheatland and all parts in between. We are proud to be a Wyoming firm. 

Getting Help From a Personal Injury Lawyer 

A Wyoming personal injury lawyer knows that when someone gets behind the wheel of a car, they take on immense responsibility. Is this true? Is running to the grocery store or picking up cat food taking on a great deal of responsibility? Yes! Any time you need to drive on the road, you are not only putting yourself in a position where you need to be watchful of the road and your surroundings so that you can make safe choices, but you must also be mindful of everyone else on the road. Everyone else’s choices will affect you, whether they drive a truck, a car, or a motorcycle. When you were driving and were injured by another person on the road, it is time to see if you could use legal help to assist you in filing a personal injury claim. Call Davis, Johnson & Kallal to see how they can help you with your injury claim. 

I was driving and I’m not sure if I was partially at fault for the accident. What happens now? 

One of the most important things to do is to avoid accepting blame while you are at the scene of the accident or while you are speaking with an insurance company. Accidents can happen quickly and whether you think you were partially at fault or have no clue what happened to cause the accident, avoid saying as much as possible. Even if you believe the other party was completely liable, an insurance agent can take what you say or any hesitation and use it against you if you file a claim. 

Your Wyoming personal injury lawyer knows that Wyoming is considered to be a “modified comparative fault” state. This means that even if it turns out you looked down to pick something off the floor of your car or you accidentally rolled through a stop sign, you are still eligible to receive compensation as long as you were less than 50% responsible for the accident occurring. 

How does this impact my compensation? 

When you are not receiving 100% of the compensation you believe you are owed, this can seem unfair. However, if you are found to be 20% responsible for the accident, that simply means that if you look at 100% of what you would have gotten, you will now only be getting 80%. 

Will I have to go to court to recover his compensation? 

It’s very unlikely that you will need to go to court to recover any compensation for your accident. While it’s true that a judge and a jury are responsible for determining fault in certain cases, most car accidents typically only result in settlements. This process looks like your lawyer speaking with the insurance company involved and negotiating a fair settlement for the injuries you have sustained. 

When you were injured following a car accident and you need to seek legal assistance to help you with a claim, look no further than the team at Davis, Johnson & Kallal. We care about helping you through this and getting you results. For more information, call to schedule a consultation with our Wyoming personal injury lawyer now.

Things That May Harm Your Case 

When you have been injured in some type of accident, it is time to seek help from a Wyoming personal injury lawyer. It can be difficult to understand the next steps and you may be caught up in trying to understand all of the legal aspects surrounding your claim instead of truly focusing on healing and recovery. This can make your recovery process longer and it can make you spread yourself too thin. When you need help with your personal injury case, don’t hesitate to speak with the trusted team at Davis, Johnson & Kallal. Working with a personal injury lawyer can help you try to get back to normal while they focus on the case. 

Are there things that will harm my personal injury case? 

As you learn what you need to do to file your claim, you should speak with your lawyer about what will benefit your claim and what will harm it. Your Wyoming personal injury lawyer would recommend sitting down and having a conversation about this to help you get the most compensation you can out of your injury case. 

Can I post anything on social media following an accident? 

We completely understand the temptation to post on social media after an accident. This usually stems from two lines of thinking.

  1. You want to reassure everyone you are okay and let friends and family know that you are recovering and safe at home. 
  2. You are angry or upset at the situation and you need a place to vent your feelings. 

Both of these lines of thinking are justifiable. We recommend avoiding this as much as possible, however. If you want to call a few select friends and family and give them a quick update on how you are doing, you can. That said, anything you post on social media, even if your account is set to private, can likely be seen by an insurance agent somehow. The same goes for if you need to vent. Talk to your lawyer, your therapist, or your best friend, but avoid doing it in a public setting or in a place where your conversation could be recorded or written down. This isn’t information the public needs. You want to avoid harming your case as much as possible. 

What if I don’t return to work right away? 

Understandably, you may be unable to return to work immediately following your accident or you may only be able to return while doing a limited amount of work. If you opt not to return to work but your doctor has already cleared you to go back to work, this may be money you cannot claim. Further, an insurance company may wonder if you have exaggerated details of your injury or any other aspect of your case and this could cause delays or lower settlement offers. 

Who can I turn to? 

When you need help following a personal injury claim, you should not hesitate to turn to the team at Davis, Johnson & Kallal. The team of personal injury attorneys is ready and waiting to help you with your case. For more information on what they can do, call to speak with their Wyoming personal injury lawyer now. 

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