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Following the death of a family member, you may need to contact a Laramie, WY probate lawyer for assistance with administration of the will. The laws surrounding possession and inheritance can be tricky, and these lawyers specialize in handling all aspects of the estate. 

What is an estate?

An estate is everything amassed during life, still retained at the time of death. This may include valuable items such as vehicles and jewelry, real estate, finances, and all owned physical property. Many people opt to create a will during their lifetime. A will is a document meant to allocate property after death, ensuring that one’s specific intentions are met. A lawyer at Davis, Johnson & Kallal is able to expedite creation of your will and set your future at ease.

Often, an executor is named in the will. The executor is responsible for ensuring that the wishes of the deceased are strictly carried out. This task usually falls to a spouse, family member, or lawyer. If an executor is not named, a Laramie probate lawyer is responsible for administering the estate. Others named in the will are called beneficiaries–these are the inheritors of the estate. Perhaps you are a beneficiary seeking further information. 

In most cases, how the estate is apportioned follows the plan laid out by the deceased. The decedent may wish for their money and property to be divided evenly, or items may be willed to specific individuals. Sometimes, this leads to dissension amongst the family and litigation must be involved. A probate lawyer will be able to represent you in court and protect your interests.

What if there is no will?

Following death intestate, which is when one passes away without a will, possessions of the deceased are distributed by court according to state laws. This process begins with the paying of all arrears. A Laramie probate lawyer will review all finances and accounts. This includes mortgages, credit and automobile debts, owed taxes, and more.

Once settlement of debt is arranged, all remaining assets belong to the family and are then allocated. By contacting a qualified probate lawyer, you will be able to get ahead of this, and have all documentation in order in advance.

The law can be quite difficult to navigate. What might invalidate a will? What if I disagree with it, or find it unfair? These are extremely common questions, and a guide can be of immense value. 

An incredible amount of pressure is put on the family when a parent or loved one dies. You may be lost emotionally, or financially stressed out. You may not know if you will inherit any debts or even where to turn. When you work with Davis, Johnson & Kallal, you are backed by experience, genuine concern, and an altruistic approach to probate law.

The passing of a family member is never a simple, easy event. A lawyer will offer proper guidance and support through the entirety of the process, removing as much stress as possible from your plate. 

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