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Car Accident Lawyer Laramie, WY - Rollover Vehicle Accident at Busy Intersection With Emergency PeIn the wake of an automobile collision, a Laramie, WY car accident lawyer is a companion, guide, and mediator in navigating the complicated processes of settlement and restitution. Driven and passionate, Davis, Johnson & Kallal fight for victim indemnity and protect you from unfair closure. Having the correct lawyer on your side can be the difference between financial hardships, and a swift end to what can be a very frustrating period.

Your heart is racing, your ears are ringing, and you’re confused. It all happened so quickly. Stranded on the side of the highway, unable to get to the office, you fumble with a cell phone and dial 9-1-1. The operator urges you to remain calm and keep breathing while they collect information and dispatch police and medical services.

Accidents are incredibly frequent, and many are fatal. With 2.3 million injuries due to auto collisions reported in 2020, drivers must always remain cognizant of surroundings and other drivers. While tests for licensure are standard and required, far too many soon begin to disregard the rules of the road after obtaining a driver’s license. Distractions are common. Screens are ubiquitous in vehicles and the temptation to text or browse media can be too alluring for some. A moment looking away from the road to change the music can have devastating repercussions. Some people prioritize convenience over the lives of others and willingly drive while intoxicated.

What is a car accident lawyer? 

In the event of an automotive collision, you may be injured. There is likely cosmetic vehicle damage at minimum, though the collision could be significantly worse and require heavy repair work or even complete replacement. A Laramie car accident lawyer at Davis, Johnson & Kallal specializes in negotiating a fair settlement for victims, ensuring proper payout for medical bills and damage to vehicles. 

What is the process?

  1. Dial 9-1-1. It is important to contact authorities immediately. Police will conduct traffic and keep the area safe while waiting for EMS or a tow truck to arrive. Explain everything to the police and allow them to make a report
  2. Even if you initially do not notice pain, it is still very important to be seen by a medical professional and certify that there are no hidden injuries
  3. Take pictures of everything. License plates, VIN numbers, and damage to all vehicles involved will help to build your case. Exchange insurance information with the other drivers involved
  4. Call a car accident lawyer to prepare you for discourse with insurance, and ardently intercede on your behalf through the entire process
  5. Reach out to your insurance company and share all information

When do I need a car accident lawyer?

  1. You require medical attention for an injury resulting from the accident
  2. The payout offered by your insurance company does not cover damages to the vehicle
  3. Inability to work as a result of the accident
  4. You feel coerced by insurance to accept a low settlement

Perhaps the insurance company has declined to offer enough to cover the damages to your vehicle. In many cases, they may attempt to pressure you into agreeing to a lower settlement than you are entitled to. Injuries sustained can prevent you from working, resulting in lost income. The lofty figure at the bottom of the medical bill is often daunting, and far out of reach. 

In these instances, a car accident lawyer is a powerful ally. They will assist in bolstering your claim by collecting related documentation. Medical records, insurance information and statements, police reports, and testimony from eyewitnesses are typical examples.

Automotive collisions can be life-altering both financially and physically. In dire times, you have a partner you can rely on as both your shield and your sword. When you need a Laramie car accident lawyer, call Davis, Johnson & Kallal, where tenacity and vast knowledge are paired with genuine compassion for the client. One phone call can put you on the best path back to normalcy. 

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