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Cheyenne Motorcycle Accident LawyerA motorcycle accident lawyer Cheyenne, WY clients trusts understands that every motorcycle accident is different due to the unique circumstances and factors involved. Unfortunately, there are also some common factors that these crashes have. One of the most common factors is the type of severe injuries that many motorcyclists suffer. These injuries can result in long-term or permanent disabilities that can cause great physical, emotional, and financial difficulties for victims and their families. The legal team at Davis, Johnson & Kallal | Wyoming Law have successfully represented many motorcycle accident victims, getting the financial compensation they deserve. If you or a loved one has been involved in a crash, call our office to find out how we can help.

Brain and Head Injuries

Brain injuries are one of the most severe injuries a motorcycle accident victim can suffer. In a study conducted by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), researchers looked at just under 105,000 motorcycle accidents across the country. Fifteen percent of riders wearing helmets and 20 percent of riders without helmets suffered brain injuries. Just under 55 percent of these victims died from their injuries.

Spinal Cord Injuries

Injuries to the spinal cord are also another common motorcycle accident injury. These injuries can leave the victim paralyzed, dealing with either paraplegia or quadriplegia for the rest of their lives.

Internal Injuries

Any type of hard blow to the body can cause internal bleeding and damage to internal organs. These types of injuries can also occur if the victim suffers some type of penetration from a sharp object, such as shards of glass or some type of debris.


When a motorcyclist is thrown from their bike in a crash, their first reaction may be to hold out their hands and arms to try to break the fall. This can and often does result in multiple fractures. There is also the risk of fractures to legs, ribs, and other areas from landing on the hard road or having the bike fall on them.

Emotional Anguish

Not only can motorcycle accident victims have post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) from the experience of the crash, but the impact their injuries have on their life can also have a significant effect on their emotional well-being, as they are now left with chronic and/or permanent disabilities. These issues can include anxiety, depression, and anger.

Factors of Motorcycle Accidents

As a motorcycle accident lawyer Cheyenne, WY motorcyclists trust at Davis, Johnson & Kallal explains, there are several factors that can contribute to a motorcycle crash happening, but in most cases, it is a car driver who caused the accident to occur. This is due to the fact that many drivers out there just are not obeying the rules for the road how they should be. Motorcyclists are vulnerable to sustaining severe injury in the event of an accident, simply because they don’t have as much protection on their body to deflect force of impact. Victims of motorcycle accidents may be entitled to compensation from the at-fault driver for their injuries, bike damages, loss of earnings, and more.

Speed is one of the leading contributing factors for auto accidents across the nation and globe. The faster speed a driver is traveling at, the more difficult it will be to stop or maneuver to avoid a collision. Speed limits are set to help drivers respond to dangers and road hazards quickly. Speeding can also cause a driver to commit other violations on the road, such as running street lights or stop signs, ignoring yields, and failing to watch out for the presence of motorcyclists. Drivers who disregard the laws for the road put themselves, other drivers, motorcyclists, and pedestrians at risk for serious harm. Traffic laws have been established to protect people, and drivers who do not follow these rules can tragically cause an accident to unfold.

Another leading reason for motorcycle accidents is drivers who are under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs. People may use these substances and then get behind the wheel of a car, with their judgment gravely impaired. A person under the influence will have their judgment, comprehension, coordination, concentration, reaction time, and vision and hearing impaired. If you were the victim in a motorcycle accident and believe that the driver who hit you was drunk, this is something to inform your Cheyenne motorcycle accident lawyer right away so they can investigate further.

Motorcyclists depend on drivers remaining aware of their presence when on the road. But drivers may fail to look around properly before changing lanes and may unintentionally collide with a motorcyclist. Intentional or not, that driver may be liable for the injuries and loss the rider experienced because of their negligent driving. A driver must always signal before they move to another lane, because if they don’t, the motorcyclist may not have enough time to react.

Motorcyclists who were hit by reckless drivers are encouraged to contact a lawyer for assistance. Too often victims of auto accidents accept settlements that are too low, and may even accept blame for something they had no part in causing to happen. Insurance companies are for profit, and may try to reduce a motorcycle victim’s claims so they can save on their pocketbook. With a Cheyenne motorcycle accident lawyer to represent you, you are in the best odds of receiving fair restitution for how your life has been affected. Call our law firm today for the legal guidance you need.

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Motorcycle accidents can be devasting, leaving victims with catastrophic injuries that can take months – if not years – to recover from. The toll from these injuries is not only physical but leaves the victim and their family struggling financially from the loss of income and high medical bills. If you’ve been injured in a crash, you may be entitled to financial compensation for all of your losses from the party or parties liable. Contact Davis, Johnson & Kallal | Wyoming Law to schedule a free consultation with a Cheyenne motorcycle accident lawyer.

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