Breach of Contract/Business Partial Contingency

Business purchaser added Wells Fargo as an additional payee to check so it could not be cashed.  Summary Judgement granted on breach of contract in Federal Court for $700,000.00.  Judgment paid in full.  Result: $700,000.00.

Motorcycle Crash Jackson Wyoming

Car made a left turn into an oncoming motorcycle that had the right of way.  Broken leg for the driver and broken arm for the passenger.  Result:  Policy limits of $100,000.00.

Tractor Trailer versus Tractor Trailer Gillette Wyoming

Driver lost control on ice while driving too fast for conditions and collided with another tractor trailer head on.  At fault driver was killed and our client suffered substantial injuries and lost time from work for our client.  Result:  Confidential settlement.

T-Bone Collision Cheyenne Wyoming

Driver failed to yield and T-boned our client on Lincolnway.  Pre-existing back pain was exacerbated and required surgery.  Result $375,000.00.

Partial Knee Replacement/Workers Compensation

Worker fell and injured his knee at jobsite. Employer objected and forced a hearing. Hearing Officer ruled against worker. Ruling appealed and overturned. Result: Full workers compensation benefits paid for all medical expenses and lost time from work.

Concrete Pump Truck Injury/Third Party and Workers Compensation

Worker injured when a pressurized concrete pump hose exploded in his face. Workers comp initially denied but reversed and provided coverage for the injuries after DJK was hired. Result: Third party claim against concrete pumping company confidentially settled the claim for a substantial amount after suit was filed.

Broken Shoulder/Drunk Driver Hits Motorcyclist

Motorcyclist suffered severe shoulder injury when a drunk driver hit him. Recovered $150,000.00 in addition to insurance policy limits of $250,000.00. Result: $400,000.00.

Traumatic Brain Injury/Fell at Work Striking Head on Concrete and Injured Knee

Worker’s compensation initially paid benefits for all injuries, but then years later denied benefits for permanent disability from the TBI. Result: Full benefits awarded for Permanent Total Disability.

Ranch Hand Injured at Work No Work Comp Coverage

Ranch hand broke his ankle while at work and employer had no workers compensation coverage.  Lawsuit filed over dangerous working conditions at the ranch.  Result: $115,000.00.

Multiple Car Collision Cheyenne

Multiple car collision aggravantes pre-existing back injury.  At fault driver only had $25,000.00 in coverage but our client had UIM coverage.  UIM claim opened and settled for policy limits.  Result: $250,000.00.

Tractor Trailer Collision at Truck Stop

Our client was sleeping in the cab of his truck at a truck stop when another truck struck his cab and knocked him out of his bed, that was about five feet above the floor of his cab, causing him serious injuries.  Result: Confidential settlement.

Tractor Trailer Versus Motorcycle

Our client was injured when a tractor trailer pulled out in front of her causing her to take evasive action and lay down her bike.  Company tried to deny liability but witnesses at the scene told the story and the company accepted responsibility.  Result: $100,000.00.

Broken Hip/Motorcycle Passenger Hit by Deer

Passenger injured when riding on the back of a motorcycle near Devil’s Tower. Insurance denied liability at first but then admitted liability after numerous witness statements were obtained stating it was not safe to drive the speed limit that time of year on a motorcycle because of all the deer. Result: Policy Limits of $25,000.00 and Policy Limits of UIM coverage $75,000.00.

Neck Injury/No Damage Collision

Female driver injured when rear ended at low speed. Driver had existing neck fusion and the impact caused a screw to come loose requiring surgery. Driver’s own insurance failed to pay $5,000.00 in medical coverage. Result: Policy limits of $100,000.00 plus a confidential settlement of the insurance bad faith claim.

Wrongful Death

Insurance company initially denied coverage. Lawsuit filed. Result: settled confidentially for more than policy limits after the District Court ruled insurance coverage applied.

Motorcycle Crash Grand Teton Park

Passenger on a motorcycle severely injured when driver lost control on loose rocks on the shoulder of the road. First attorney told her to file bankruptcy because driver only had a $25,000.00 policy. We found underinsured motorist coverage and settled for $225000.00 plus the $25,000.00 . Result: $250,000.00.

Wrongful Death/Vehicle Crash

Single vehicle rollover accident. Result: policy limits obtained for family.