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Justin Kallal is a Wyoming native who was born and raised in Cheyenne Wyoming. Justin attended the University of Wyoming for both his undergraduate philosophy degree and his law degree. After finishing law school in 2001, Justin started Kallal Construction, Inc. and spent about seven years working as a general contractor building homes in the Jackson Wyoming area. Justin also briefly owned Colter’s bar and restaurant in Star Valley Wyoming. When a frozen pipe burst and flooded the restaurant, the business was wiped out because the insurance company unjustly refused to pay the claim. The great recession was simultaneously putting a huge squeeze on the construction industry at the same, and when combined with the flooded restaurant, Justin decided it was time to change gears and put his legal education to work by starting a law firm.

Justin and his business partner needed help to get out of the bar and restaurant business after their insurance claim was denied. They found a great lawyer named Denny Moffett who helped them fight the insurance company and escape the bad situation created by the flood without having to file for bankruptcy. The experience left Justin with a keen understanding of the extraordinary and unfair lengths that insurance companies will go to take advantage of their insured and avoid paying claims. Justin knew with laser like clarity that he would never represent insurance companies and instead that he would devote his practice to fighting insurance companies and working only for individuals and small businesses.

Justin respects and cares about his clients and he loves to fight the good fight against the insurance companies to get his clients just compensation. Justin’s work in the trades has given him a deep understanding and respect for the men and women who go to work every day in the field. It can be a very dangerous world on a job site, an oil rig or any time you are using your body physically to make a living. Even at the most safety conscience companies injuries still happen, and all too often, workman’s compensation refuses to honor the claim or attempts to minimize the claim. A significant portion of Justin’s practice is representing injured Wyoming Worker’s. It brings Justin great joy to help the hardworking men and women of Wyoming out when they are caught up in the bureaucracy and the bullshit that occasionally engulfs injured workers who find their work comp claims denied. Along with his workers compensation practice Justin devotes the majority of his practice to representing individuals injured or killed by the negligence of others and corporations.

Justin is always looking to improve his legal skills and he loves trying cases.  In 2019, Justin attended the Trial Skills Foundations class at the Trial Lawyers College in Dubois, Wyoming.  The experience was transformative and reinforced his love of fighting for his clients and learning how to tell their stories.  Recently Justin tried a criminal case pro bono with his friend Dave McCarthy, the public defender in Carbon County Wyoming.  They were able to achieve full acquittal for an eighteen-year-old young man facing six felony counts of sexual assault.  Although criminal defense is not a regular part of his practice, working with Dave gave Justin the chance to give back to the community and keep his trial skills sharp.  Together Dave and Justin gave their client his life back.

When Justin is not working for his clients, he enjoys spending time with his wife Jody. They enjoy hiking, mountain biking, rafting, fishing, and walking their dog Teal around the park.  Justin is an avid motorcyclist and rides a Honda XR650L and a Zero FX. Justin also enjoys hunting and flying. He is instrument rated and has his commercial pilot’s license.  He flies a Cessna 172XP. In addition to his law practice, Justin is the host of www.WyoLawPod.com an innovative legal education podcast covering a broad range of legal topics.

Justin also serves consumer bankruptcy clients in an of-counsel role for Cohen & Cohen. Along with his workers compensation practice, Justin devotes the majority of his practice to representing individuals injured or killed by the negligence of others and corporations.



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