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Speaking to a lawyer who specializes in elder law can help you understand the relevant topics that you should know. Elder law can be confusing to navigate, so if you need legal assistance there is help available. There are many things that a lawyer can explain for you depending on your needs. There is a lot of work that goes into any kind of legal case, especially elder law. If you are trying to contact an elder law lawyer, there are some key topics that you should be ready to discuss.

Legal experience 

When you speak with an elder law lawyer during your consultation, you will want to ask them about their legal experience and what kind of qualifications that they have. They should be able to tell you a lot of details about what kind of clients they have helped, what areas of elder law that they have experience in, and what kind of results that they have been able to accomplish. It is important to hire a lawyer who can be transparent with you and will give you all the information that you need. 

Advance medical directive

An advanced medical directive is a document that details medication decisions for an elderly individual. It refers to a written legal document that includes information about the types of medical treatment and decisions that a person wishes to be made for them. Having an advanced directive is important because it allows the individual to express their values regarding how they want to be treated and the quality of life that they have should they become incapacitated. 

Power of attorney 

You will want to have a power of attorney included in your estate plan if you are an elderly individual or have an elder loved one, which are legal documents which allow certain individuals to make decisions for a. A health power of attorney gives authority to an individual who is tasked with making medical decisions on your behalf. A financial power of attorney gives legal authority to make financial decisions, such as regarding the security and distribution of assets. 


An elder law lawyer can also provide information about beneficiaries and how to list them. Listing beneficiaries and including them in an estate plan is critical if you wish to pass down your assets to your loved ones. You can learn more about what to name beneficiaries and what requirements you will need. 

Elder abuse

An elder abuse case is not easy to deal with and you may not even know what to do if you are confronted with such a situation. Your first instinct may be to turn to a personal injury lawyer. However, if you believe that your elderly loved one has been a victim of elder abuse, you can turn to an elder law lawyer like one from Kaplan Law Practice, LLC so that they can evaluate your situation. They can review your case and determine what next steps should be done to start a case. 

For more information about elder law, contact a trusted lawyer in your area right away to receive immediate legal services.