Car Accident Lawyer

A car accident can be frightening, dangerous, and expensive. Fortunately, a Florida car accident lawyer can help. Read on to see what a lawyer can do for you, and see how a rollover may affect your case.

Who Pays For My Accident?

Your insurance provider is supposed to keep you covered in the event of an emergency. However, as a Palm Bay car accident lawyer like our friends at Tuttle Law, P.A. can explain, insurance isn’t always the most reliable source of emergency money.

Unfortunately, it’s a common practice for insurance providers to hold on to your money for as long as possible. This lets them generate even more money on interest, but it’s not very good for their clients. After all, if you were in an accident, you can’t afford to wait for medical care.

What Can A Lawyer Do For Me?

When you contact a car accident lawyer, you’re getting more than just a source of legal information – you’re getting a team that can fight on your behalf against insurance companies that are taking too long to pay up.

There’s no telling how long you may have to wait to see any insurance money, and when your provider eventually pay you, there’s no telling whether they’ll pay you enough. Fortunately, a lawyer can go to bat for you and get you the money you need.

What Makes A Rollover So Dangerous?

Not every car accident involves a rollover. Rollovers are much more dangerous than “ordinary” fender benders. They put extra stress on your body, and can result in more serious injuries. It takes a lot to flip a car over, and all that force used to roll a car gets transferred to its occupants.

In the world of personal injury law, “catastrophic injury” is a term used to describe serious injuries that may be permanent. Catastrophic injuries involve paralysis, amputation, and other lifelong traumas. Because rollovers are more dangerous, there’s a higher risk of catastrophic injury.

How Can A Lawyer Help After A Rollover?

Lawyers specialize in determining who’s at fault for accidents and injuries. When you get in touch with a qualified car accident lawyer, he or she will examine all the fine details of your case to figure out why your rollover happened, who caused it, and whether or not they can be held accountable.

In some cases, a rollover can be traced to a manufacturer’s defect. In other cases, they can be caused by someone else’s irresponsible driving. And in some rollovers, even the city can be held accountable for a poorly-planned roadway.

What Should I Look For In A Car Accident Lawyer?

When you’re shopping for a car accident lawyer, you need to know you’re in good hands. Make sure you look over a law office’s reviews – and if they provide any information about recent cases they’ve worked, that’s even better. 

Most lawyers offer free consultations, so use this opportunity to figure out whether they’ll be as dedicated to your case as you are. It’s also important to have a legal team from your community. They’ll know the area much better, and searching local makes communication much easier.

Don’t hesitate to get compensation. Do some shopping around, and get in touch with a car accident lawyer as soon as possible.