Personal Injury

Surviving an assault can be highly traumatic, but you may want to consider taking legal action if you hope to recover your losses. If you need more information about what an assault lawyer can offer you, call our firm today so that you can set up an appointment. You must be able to understand your rights so that you can make the best decisions about your case. Legal issues can be hard to comprehend, and with a lawyer you can be much more equipped to navigate your case without feeling overwhelmed or at a loss of what to do. Whether you know the person who assaulted you or were not able to see them, there are important steps that you should take so that you can file a claim.

Take photos

Capture photos of the site where the assault occurred, as well as any injuries that you have sustained. You will need many photos to show a lawyer so that they can piece together the events that lead up to the assault. This will be critical in building the body of evidence that can place the assailant at the scene.

Seek medical attention 

As an assault lawyer like one from Cohen & Cohen can explain to you in detail about, not seeking medical attention immediately is one of the biggest mistakes that you can make following an assault. It is crucial that you get treated right away so that your injuries can be connected to the assault incident. You will need medical attention right away so that you can get treated and recover faster. Failing to seek medical attention may raise questions from both the insurance company and investigators that can cast doubt on your case.

Witness statements

If you were assaulted in a public or busy place, there is a strong chance that witnesses may have seen what happened and who assaulted you. See if there were any witnesses who saw the assault happen. Obtain their contact information and get them to write a statement that includes details of the incident. They may be able to recall information that can help you build your case.

Hire a lawyer 

There are many reasons that a lawyer can help you with your legal case after, as many clients can attest to. Those who decide to hire a lawyer to resolve their legal scenario have seen much better case outcomes than those who have tried to solve their situation on their own. Because lawyers have much more experience and specialized skills, they are able to efficiently resolve a case quickly.

You should not have to navigate the aftermath of an assault alone. Clients can receive personalized legal advice so that they can move forward in their case. Handling a legal situation such as an assault case alone is risky, and there could be several issues that you may need the assistance of a lawyer for. For more information about legal services, schedule an appointment with an assault lawyer that you can trust right away.