Many patients receive quality care when they see a doctor for a health checkup or to get treatment for an injury or illness. However, some medical professionals fail to provide excellent care for their patients, and cause their patient’s condition to become worse. Each year, medical malpractice claims result in hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars in insurance payouts. If you believe that you have suffered an injury or illness as a result of improper care provided by a medical malpractice, there are some basic steps that you can take.

Make an Appointment With a Different Doctor 

If you have seen a doctor and you were not satisfied with your treatment, or you have experienced issues following your visit, it is recommended that you get a second opinion, Schedule an appointment with a different doctor so that they can evaluate you. They may have different findings or recommended alternative treatment options than the first doctor that you visited. As a Bloomington medical malpractice lawyer like one at Pioletti Pioletti & Nichols can explain, getting a second doctor’s opinion can reveal potential problems the first doctor made.

Request and Preserve Medical Records 

Ask the hospital for a copy of all of your medical records and bills. Keep your medical bills because they show exactly what kind of treatment you received and a detailed description of the expenses. Medical records are key for medical malpractice claims because it shows where you got treatment, who treated you, the details of your treatment plan, and your full charges. If there are any discrepancies or issues as well, a lawyer can review your medical records for reference.

Take Photos of Your Injuries

Photos are one of the most important kinds of evidence to include in any personal injury claim, particularly a medical malpractice one. Document photos of your injuries and keep them as evidence. Make note of any changes to your injury or health condition. This is important to monitor because you need to have many pieces of evidence if you hope to build a strong argument for your case. You will likely get asked questions regarding what kind of injuries you suffered so photos will show the extent of harm you experienced.

Talk to a Lawyer 

It is important to talk to a qualified medical malpractice lawyer if you believe you have a case. These types of cases are incredibly difficult to handle on your own, and should be by the most experienced lawyers. Hospitals and clinics have powerful legal teams that are ready to dispute your claim. If you decide to hire a lawyer, they should have extensive experience assisting a variety of medical malpractice victims and obtaining successful results for them.

If you develop an injury or illness as a result of improper medical care or failure to receive proper medical care, do not delay action. Medical malpractice is a serious issue and should not be ignored. As soon as you suspect that you have been a victim, do the necessary steps to prepare a claim and consult with a lawyer. For more information about how you should navigate medical malpractice, contact a lawyer right away.