I-25 and I-80 in Southeastern Wyoming


Southeastern Wyoming is the location of the intersection of two major interstates: Interstate 80 (“I-80”) and Interstate 25 (“I-25”). I-80 runs east to west across the state, while I-25 runs north to south across the state. During the winter months, one can expect I-80 to be closed on a regular basis due to winter weather, and more likely, due to a crash caused by a semi-truck or tractor trailer driver.

Crashes occur regularly on these two Interstate stretches. The Wyoming Department of Transportation (“WYDOT”) provides several interesting statistics pertaining to the crashes. Per a recent WYDOT report:

“Approximately one-third (33%) of all drivers involved in crashes in Wyoming had a driver’s license from another state, territory, or country in 2020. The number of crashes for both Wyoming and out-of-state drivers was highest during the winter months, decreasing during April and May…. and approximately 40% of all crashes occurring in March were to drivers with out-of-state licenses.”

The out-of-state drivers mentioned in the WYDOT report are likely commercial truck drivers or semi-truck drivers passing through. When these large trucks cause accidents, the results can be devasting and life-changing.

Even low-speed collisions can cause severe injuries because of the massive weight and kinetic energy when a semi-truck is involved. If you, your loved one, or even a friend has been injured in a crash involving a commercial truck driver, don’t negotiate for yourself, call Davis, Johnson & Kallal today.


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