Know the Statute of Limitations (SOL)

or You May be SOL (Sh!t Out of Luck)

02/27/2021 By Justin Kallal

The statute of limitations (SOL) is the maximum amount of time you have to initiate a lawsuit from the time your accident or injury occurred. If you let the statute of limitations expire, you may not be allowed to bring a legal claim, and you may be SOL.

SOLs vary from state to state and from claim to claim. Here are some of the important statute of limitations from the Wyoming Statutes Code of Civil Procedure:

  • Personal injury caused by the negligence of another (4 years)
  • Wrongful death (2 years)
  • Medical or professional malpractice (2 years)
  • Assault and Battery (1 year)
  • Libel and Slander (1 year)
  • Breach of a written contract (10 years)
  • Breach of an oral contract (8 years)

If the statute of limitations has expired, then you will be barred from bringing a claim. However, you may still want to talk to an experienced lawyer as sometimes the statute of limitations can be tolled, which means extended.

An example of a tolling would be if a surgeon made a mistake that hurt you, but you didn’t learn about it until three years later.

The statute of limitations would not begin until you discovered the mistake and the injury. Contact DJK today if you have any questions about a claim and the statute of limitations.