Why is Wyoming Work Comp Denying My Carpal Tunnel Claim?

Wyoming Workers’ Compensation uses the following checklist to help determine which claims will be honored.

05/14/2020 By Justin Kallal

Wyoming Workers’ Compensation uses the following checklist to help determine which claims will be honored for carpal tunnel and which ones may be denied.

1. Occupations Associated with Carpal Tunnel/Nerve Impingement. Must be on the job at least four weeks with no pre-existing conditions.

Carpenters [ ]
Meat-packers and workers [ ]
Oil field workers [ ]
Dental workers [ ]
Grocery clerks [ ]
Musicians [ ]
Use of vibrating equipment [ ]
Mechanics [ ]
Activities with forceful and excessive flexion and extension of wrists [ ]
Activities that require power gripping and forceful holding, and use of the hands especially in awkward positions such as welding or electronics [ ]

2. Presence of Associated Conditions:

Obesity [ ] Diabetes [ ]
Estrogen OCP* [ ] Pregnancy/Lactation [ ]
Previous wrist fractures or injury [ ] Wrist tumors, ganglion [ ]
Hypothyroid [ ] Renal failure [ ]
Dialysis [ ] Neck symptoms [ ]
Previous upper extremity injury or overuse syndrome [ ] Breast reduction [ ]
Previous WC claim in litigation [ ]
* Oral contraceptives, birth control pills, all female hormones [ ]

If you work in any of the fields in section 1 and do not have any of the conditions in section 2, then your claim for carpal tunnel will likely be honored. If you work in section 1, but have conditions from section 2, then your claim may be denied.

If you do not work in section 1, then your claim will likely be denied, especially if you have any of the conditions from section 2. Additionally, the division of workers’ compensation may look at your hobbies and recreational activities and use those to deny your claim. If you are female, the cards are stacked against you even more.

If you have been denied a claim for carpal tunnel benefits, do not give up. You may be the victim of a checklist even if your carpal tunnel was caused by your work. Valid carpal tunnel claims exist that do not fit within the checklist. Contact an experienced Wyoming Work Comp attorney to fight for your benefits.